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Into the Woods ($2.99 USD)

Into the Woods“The warrior lowered her sword. The battle had long since ended. Broken arrows and blood were stamped into the ground by numerous small footprints. Casting a glance behind, she could see that her companions shared her concern. “They’ve taken him and fled.” She said picking up a small wooden shaft, the tip had been broken off and the feathered end was frayed.

“Where did they go, Baltha?” asked Oran. The bard’s characteristic cheer had fled along with their friends.

Baltha’s eyes began to follow the tracks and her eyes darted around. Finally, her gaze fell on something in the distance and her heart sank. “There.” She said, lifting and hand and pointing. “They’ve fled into the woods.”

Into the Woods contains:

  • A set of 9 forest maps.
  • Night and day versions of each map, including one bonus alternate night map.
  • A total of 19 Full Color Maps!
  • Each map is 125 x 125 feet and 72 pixels per inch, designed with virtual tabletop players in mind.

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